Tips To Improve Dryer Operating Efficiency And Reduce Energy Consumption


Improving the efficiency of your dryer will save you time and money. After all, drying clothes can use up to 70% of the energy in your laundry room. The arrangement of your laundry room and your choice of Continental Girbau commercial washer and dryer is the first steps toward optimizing dryer efficiency. Indeed, the effectiveness of your dryer is dependent on more than just the dryer itself. However, it’s not late to make changes and get the most out of your dryer, even if you already have a well-established laundry.

The fact that the washer and dryer and commercial ironing machine are some of the most expensive pieces of equipment to run just makes doing the laundry less appealing. Since most people do laundry at least once a week, it’s important to find ways to cut down on your energy consumption.

Clean the dryer

It is vital to clean the dryer regularly to keep it running efficiently and maintain a high rate of laundry drying. If your dryer blows air through a series of nozzles, keeping those nozzles clear is important for optimal airflow. If the steam coils in a convection dryer are blocked, the dryer will not dry as efficiently as it could. Operating temperatures tend to go up because product buildup makes the machine less efficient, which makes it work less well.

Dryer airflow

When shopping for a new dryer, it’s important to consider how the dryer’s airflow will affect its energy consumption. Linens dry quickly thanks to axial airflow, which blows hot air from behind to in front of the load. Smaller commercial machines (25 kg) are more suited to axial airflow. If you’re looking for a dryer that can handle more than 25kg, radial airflow is your best bet. Hot air is circulated radially throughout the entire drum surface, making it ideal for drying large loads of laundry.

Auto-drying features

Today, most commercial dryers have some kind of auto-dry feature. The most common auto-dry technology figures out how long the laundry needs to dry based on its weight, size, and temperature. When it comes to accuracy, different auto-drying systems use sensors to figure out when the clothes are dry. Over-drying is expensive in more ways than one; it wastes energy, water, and time, and it damages your linens. That’s why efficient dryers should have auto-dry features.

Consider Increasing laundry drying time

Increasing the drying time of the laundry is a potential area for energy savings. You can lower the temperature at which your dryer works by making the drying process take longer. In a conveyor dryer, this can be done by slowing the conveyor and allowing for a deeper bed of goods. Don’t stack too high, because that makes it more likely that the products will stick together and not dry evenly. In dryers that process items in a single layer, the rate of ironing and the dryer’s efficiency can be improved by moving the items closer together when they are being loaded.

As more businesses start to do things that are good for the environment, there is a greater need to cut energy use without lowering the quality of products. Often, the dryer uses the most energy in a laundry operation. If you want your dryer to be more eco-friendly, you should optimize its performance and think about ways to cut down on energy use.

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