Tips To Help You Get Your Home Ready For Winter



Many people are planning to use their central heating less this winter with the increasing fuel cost and the rising cost of living. However, instead of not using your heating, you should look at ways to make it more energy efficient, which means it takes less power to sufficiently heat your home and saves you money. There are various ways you can help to reduce the draughts in your home and make it much warmer during winter, and below are some things you can consider doing in your home that can make a significant difference this winter.

Add Insulation Too Your Loft

You will want to get up into the loft space of your home and check the insulation it already has, if any, and add more if there is room to help keep your home warm. Hot air rises, and the attic space of homes is an area where you can lose a lot of heat, making your home feel cold. Purchase some high-quality and dense loft insulation rolls to put between the wooden joists, which can make a difference to the comfort level of your home this winter.

Check External Door Seals

You will also want to check the seals on the external doors of your home and ensure they work and there are no draughts. If the seals are not as good and a draught is starting to get in, you can buy the seals from most DIY stores to reseal the doors and eliminate draughts. While checking your doors, look at the outer edge of the frame, and ensure there are no gaps in the silicon sealant, fixing it if you find problems. For internal doors in your home, try using a draught excluder, which can make a significant difference and eliminate draughts.

Bleed Your Radiators

You will also want to ensure you go to all the radiators in your home while your central heating is off and see if there is any air in the system and bleed it off. Use a cloth as well to catch any water that spills out, and you can ensure your radiators are full of water without any air so they heat your home correctly and more efficiently.

Service Your Boiler

It is also worth having your boiler serviced before winter when you start using it much more, and this can also help find minor issues before they become bigger problems. A service plan for your boiler is an efficient way of keeping it in excellent condition and will ensure it is up to the task of heating your home this winter.

Stop Heating Your Walls

Something else you can do with your radiators to improve their efficiency and how warm your home gets is to use cardboard and aluminium foil to reflect the heat into the room and away from your walls. Make a template using the cardboard that will fit behind your radiator, cover it in foil with the reflective surface pointing to the radiator, and it will help reflect heat back into the room.

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